nintendogs….. a good game? (review)

 “i would rate it 5 stars its brill!”

“its the closet to having a real dog ever”

“you will fall in love with those puppys straight away!”


“i cant stop playing it!”


Nintendogs: review


Nintendogs is the best game ive ever come across! Its very unique and realistic! Fortunately, I have the game Chihuahua and friends which comes with 6 very cute starter breeds, including the Chihuahua. Nintendo, the makers of the game, are very clever to create such a incredible game! i would definatly recomend it! 5 stars all the way!

I probably cant list all the good points, but a really good point is that the dogs are almost real! Its the closest to having a real dog ever! The way they act to your voice or touch is so realistic and adorable. You will fall in love with those puppies straight away!

There is also loads you can do like….

  • washing your dog
  • grooming
  • competions
  • traing
  • walking
  • shopping for supplies
  • saving up your money for diffrent houses
  • conneting with friends

and much more! I dont get bored of it however, some people say it can get a bit repeatable.

If your a dog fan then you will love this game!


There are a few quick bad pints but they dont spoil the game.  one of them is that you can only enter 3 contests a day. another one is that in contests if you loose the people can say starbge/hurtfull comments about your dog, but you shouldnt take it to personly.


overall this is game is amazing! I play on it almost everyday and its not easy its quite challenging but in a good way! 😆


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