Nintendogs: does it get good reveiws?

well in my opinion yes! I love the game. but do other people??????

i looked on one site and the total rating it gave was 4 stars out of 5. The site exclaimed  that there were some bad points in the game. you can look at this site by clicking HERE!!

amazon also has many reviews; manly 5 stars. However, there is a 1 star review saying that it didnt work properly.  this is one of the 3 star reviews…

“My dog-mad 10 year old son wanted this for his birthday, and spent several hours doing it for a couple of days. However, he hasn’t spent as long on it as he has on other games, and got frustrated that the voice activated commands were difficult, the nintendo often didn’t respond to these, and other members of the household got fed up hearing him shouting the same command over and over to a non responsive nintendo. Still, it didn’t chew the furnishings, or wee on the floor, so it’s the best sort of dog to have.”

another 3 star review (very similar)…. “In theory it’s a good idea. The puppies are cute, there is one fault though……

I know these games have been out for a while now, and they are bestsellers, but the fault is i tried two different puppies, but non reponded to my voice!.

This is irratating after you have called out the dogs name lots and all it does is look at you confused.

Even a quick search online brings up this problem.

I don’t know what the answer is, but very frustrating game for me 😦 ”

thease two reviewers both had the same problam with the game. It seems as if voice comands are paticually challenging although, I seem to be fine with my DS.
overall ratings show that this game is very popular within the age group of 6-11. But what do YOU really like about nintendogs???


3 thoughts on “Nintendogs: does it get good reveiws?

  1. I don’t really care for the game, but I already have two dogs and two cats, so there was no point in me playing it.

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