here are some cool things you can do:

unlimited competitions

  1. make sure you’ve done your 3 contests for the day
  2. save and turn off the power on your ds
  3. turn it back on and go onto settings
  4. switch the date to 2 days ago
  5. put the time to 23:59
  6. turn off the power
  7. switch back on and select the nintendogs game
  8. wait for 1 min (you could play with your dogs ect…)
  9. when your clock on nintendogs reaches 00:00 (12 am) got to contests and you can do another three contests



unlimited walks

  1. select go out and then walk
  2. select a dog
  3. draw a route (you can go anywhere) and then make sure your route goes to the park before returning home
  4. do your walk
  5. when you get to the park go on supplies and then accessories
  6. change your acsesories to anything
  7. press the back icon
  8. it will say saving
  9. turn your power off
  10. then turn back on and select nintendogs
  11. you should have all the items you collected on the walk (you know…)

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